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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy: "The Science of Healing! The Art of Caring!"

Physical Therapists are health professionals committed to helping you move and function better. The Physical Therapists at Presentation Medical Center are highly trained in the examination and evaluation of the musculoskeletal system. The examination and evaluation process allows them to design a personalized plan of care to help you regain maximal function. Our Physical Therapists will work with you to help decrease pain, improve joint motion, and regain strength and balance.

Stephani Bertsch, DPT and Wade Burgess, DPT are doctors of physical therapy and provide physical therapy services to clients of all ages. They will work closely with your local medical provider to help get you moving to better health.

Together, Stephani and Wade have over 45 years of clinical experience with areas of expertise in women's health issues, sports medicine and lower quarter biomechanical assessment.

If you have any questions regarding physical therapy or would like to schedule an appointment please contact Dr. Bertsch or Dr. Burgess at 701-477-1940 or 701-477-1941.

Stephani Bertsch, DPT

Wade Burgess, DPT

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