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Specialty Clinic:

Cardiology, Podiatry, OB/GYN, General Surgery
See the list of Providers under the Physician Directory/Specialty Clinic
for appointments call: (701) 477-3161

Cardiac Rehab Program:

The Cardiac Rehab Program is designed to help restore respiratory and cardiac problem individuals by helping them maintain the best possible daily living status for their condition. Designed to meet the specific needs of each patient, the program starts out slow, and increases in intensity as the patient progresses. With proper exercise, diet, and close monitoring, patients can drastically improve their quality of life through this program.

IV Therapy:

Registered Nurses who have received special training in the administration of chemotherapeutic and other intravenous agents are available to administer treatment to patients undergoing IV therapy. PMC provides a special ?home like? room for these treatments that allows our patients to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Mental Health Services:

The Rural Mental Health Consortium (RMHC) is a program that allows people who are having difficulties in coping with situations the opportunity to get the appropriate help before their problem becomes more serious.RMHC provides a wide variety of services as well as informational group presentations. For more information or an outline of the variety of subjects for group presentations call the RMHC at: 1-800-247-1316.

Swing Bed:

Swing Bed is a temporary, extended care program to aid those who may be recovering from an illness, injury or surgery andneed professional nursing services until they are ready to return home or transfer to another care facility.Through the availability of these servicespatients and their families can avoid the inconvenience and relocation that often results from being placed in distant extended care facilities.


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