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About Us

Generations of Quality in Care

Founded in 1939 as Rolla Community Hospital, Presentation Medical Center (PMC) continues to provide quality care to generations of families. At PMC we provide our patients with the best care possible at a local level, making sure our patients receive the needed help, preventive measures, and necessary services to live a healthy life style and grow within a healthy community.

Our Identity

Presentation Medical Center is a 25 bed critical access hospital located in Rolla, North Dakota.

Our Mission

Presentation Medical Center in union with the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation, is a Catholic healthcare organization. Through the power and example of Jesus Christ and his gospel values, we are committed to joyfully provide wholistic care and healing with integrity, compassion and respect to all we serve.

Our Logo's Symbolism

Both the Cross and the "M" retain the symbolism found on the rings the Sisters wear. On the emblem, the Cross is rooted in the earth where our lives and ministry take place. The oval shape of the emblem signifies the Church and also the Congregation.

Board of Directors

President/CEO: Chris Albertson, Rolla
Chairman: Doug Kretschmar , Rolla
Vice Chairperson:Jane Sivertson, St. John
Steven McAtee, St. John
Sister Dorothy Bunce, Valley City
Sister Marlyss Dionne, Valley
City Matthew Odermann, Perth


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